All your photos are safe with Instant Upload

The first time I saw the Instant Upload setting in Google+ mobile app (enabled by default) I was quite annoyed, why would anyone waste bandwitch and battery power to upload ALL the photos you take on Google’s servers? I’m not one of those maniacs sharing all my private stuff on social media, so I turned it off.

But some time ago I tested it, setting the Upload to happen only on Wi-Fi connection and when the phone is charging, aka most of the times I’m at home, the result? I have to say it turned out to be almost the only reason to have Google+ app installed on my mobile! Some cool stuff about it:

  • the transfer is very straightforward and fast (unless you take thousand of pictures daily)
  • you won’t have data consumption or battery drainage (if you use my same settings)
  • uploaded photos are in a private album unless you choose to share them
  • sharing on G+ and outside is super easy (yes, even to your grandma without a Google account)
  • photos can be automatically added to G+ events (this is very nice as well, it recognises the date of the shot)
  • you can also upload all the pics you shot before installing the app
  • videos are uploaded as well
  • but the most important detail is that you have an online backup copy of all your pictures! This was awesome as I lost all the content of my SD card.

In the eventuality you need to recover/download all the pictures uploaded at once, just use Google Takeout service and select Picasa.

What would make the thing perfect, in my opinion, would be a real two-way syncing between the photos on the phone and on G+, in order to be able to  fully mange them.

Check out Google+ on Google Play!