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Revit API 2013 IfcProject Guid in C#

NEW BLOG ABOUT BIM HERE: Using Revit API version 2013 in order to get the IfcGuid of the current project it is possible to use the following code: The returned Guid will be the same, for instance, of an IFC file used in Solibri. Remember to add this to your Namespaces:

New design for


My website just got a new look. The WordPress theme has been completely rewritten from scratch trying to be as simple and minimal as possible. I also wanted to uniform the different sections (blog/vr/photos/videos/websites/apps) and to be mobile friendly since more and more visits were coming from mobile devices (try resizing your browser window). Only […] Read more →

Give your website a name and a face

You have probably noticed that when pasting a URL in Facebook and Google+ status bars automatically an image, a title and a description are generated as preview for the website. So how can we customize those items? The following tags are part of the Facebook Open Graph META Tags and will do the job, apparently […] Read more →

Gmail gadgets on (the) right side


Gmail is the most powerful web based email client, but sometimes it lacks of some customization features. Since it’s possible to add any gedget by url, and many are already available via Gmail Labs, why not putting them on the right side of the screen?? If you have a wide screen like mine and they […] Read more →

GD Star Rating – Integrating Comments

IMPORTANT: Post is quite outdated and no more follewed by the author. Use it at your own risk! As you may already know GD Star Rating is an all-inclusive rating/review plugin for WordPress. It has got tons of features and options and I think it is even better that all other premium solutions. The only […] Read more →

grafiCAD, diagrammi ed inviluppi per la trave continua

UPDATE: sito ufficiale Di recente per il corso di Tecnica delle Costruzioni mi è toccato rappresentare più volte i grafici (più correttamente detti diagrammi) di Momento Flettente e teglio per la trave continua; farne più combinazioni di carico ed infine l’inviluppo… Fortunatamente esiste il software MomCad che permette di creare il grafico in automatico dati […] Read more →


Background images make pages look good, but also make them slower. Each background image is an extra HTTP request. There’s a fix: combine background images into a CSS sprite. But creating sprites is hard, requiring arcane knowledge and lots of trial and error. SpriteMe removes the hassles with the click of a button. In brief […] Read more →