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grafiCAD, diagrammi ed inviluppi per la trave continua

UPDATE: sito ufficiale Di recente per il corso di Tecnica delle Costruzioni mi è toccato rappresentare più volte i grafici (più correttamente detti diagrammi) di Momento Flettente e teglio per la trave continua; farne più combinazioni di carico ed infine l’inviluppo… Fortunatamente esiste il software MomCad che permette di creare il grafico in automatico dati […] Read more →

Flash Builder 4 is OUT! [Flex 4]

Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4 (formerly Adobe Flex® Builder™) finally shipped on March 22nd. This software is designed to help software developers rapidly develop cross-platform rich Internet applications (RIAs) and content using the open source Flex framework. It includes support for intelligent coding, debugging, and visual design and features powerful testing tools that speed up development […] Read more →

Remove Spark List selection background [Flex 4]

Using a custom Item Renderer for the Spark List you will still see the default selection and hover color in background, even if your component doesn’t have a background (I noticed that using a rounded rect)! Well, to avoid that just set the autoDrawBackground property to flase in your Item Renderer as shown: <s:ItemRenderer xmlns:fx="" […] Read more →

Data management in Flex 4

If you have already experienced Flash Builder 4 beta 2, you have probably noticed the new Data/Services feature on wich Adobe has put a lot of efforts. Using its wizard it is straightforward how to connect to a database, but there is someting more, at least something I just discovered recently: the data management. In […] Read more →

Flex Database Excel Tutorial – Part II [Beginners]

In this previous tutorial I simply showed how to create a service in Flex and how to use it to create something in the database. Now we’ll use the service to get al the items in the database and to populate a DataGrid. So, let’s open the project and create a DataGrid: not difficult hu? […] Read more →

Flex Database Excel Tutorial – Part I [Beginners]

PART I – Creation of the database, connection to the database, creation of items in the database In this tutorial I will create a simple application to show you how to connect to a database in Flex 4 using the Data/Services functionality and PHP. FinallyI will also show you how to export data into an […] Read more →

Read and write Excel files in Flex [Flex]

Have you ever thought about this possibility? Well this is it: as3xls is a cool library that enables you to import and export xls and CSV files. It can be extremely useful to your needs! Here some little tutorials. Here the examples (google code link is broken!). And here and other version of the same […] Read more →

Conditional DropDownList [Flex Example]

Let’s say you have lots of values you want to display in different DropDownLists, putting them all together would be such a mess, especially if they are a lot. So, if there is some knid of linking between these values, you could try to use this simple example to filter them, source here: [RAW] [/RAW] […] Read more →

tag html e formattazione testo in Flex 4 [ITA]

Articolo originale in inglese. Qualche giorno fa sono diventato matto cercando di formattare del semplice testo in una RichEditableText in Flex 4. Questo perchè nella nuova versione Adobe sta cambiando profondamente il modo di rappresentare gli elementi di testo: “The Spark architecture provides three text “primitives” — Label, RichText, and RichEditableText — as part of […] Read more →