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Italian food for dummies


Italian people are extermely proud and especially conservative about their food. If you don’t cook somethng the right way you’re killing it! I’ve never been much into cooking, but since now I’m living abroad I really feel the need to tell out loud some dumb basic rules and some other often misunderstood facts. How to properly cook […] Read more →

New design for


My website just got a new look. The WordPress theme has been completely rewritten from scratch trying to be as simple and minimal as possible. I also wanted to uniform the different sections (blog/vr/photos/videos/websites/apps) and to be mobile friendly since more and more visits were coming from mobile devices (try resizing your browser window). Only […] Read more →

life in NL


Few updates about my experience in the Nederland may be found here: Pictures come straight from instagram.  

Five Core project: please vote

Five Core studio is taking part to Contanima international contest. Please register to the website and rate our project, it will only take 1 minute of your time! GO TO THE WEBSITE AND RATE OUR PROJECT Poster #1 Poster #2

New website!


Well, I know it’s like the 4th or 5th time I make a new design for my website, but this time it’ much more integrated and developed. In fact I wanted to put all of my digital content into one single WordPress installation; thus the blog, the virtual reality, photos and videos and my websites […] Read more →

Portfolio website

I have just completed a portfolio website for myself. I really needed a more complete and organized way to show around how I do loose my time. You can see it at Still it is missing a cool gallery for the photographs, so say tuned for updates ;). Oh, I have also updated my […] Read more →

Magda – South of Madagascar

[Please, watch it in HD and fullscreen from Vimeo] When pictures aren’t enough… Video of an extraordinary experience in the south of Madagascar and my first attempt at video making. Places in the video: Mahasoa (village near Ihosy), Ihosy, Isalo, Antananarivo, and some places on the road. Footage entirely shot with a Nikon D5000 and […] Read more →

grafiCAD, diagrammi ed inviluppi per la trave continua

UPDATE: sito ufficiale Di recente per il corso di Tecnica delle Costruzioni mi è toccato rappresentare più volte i grafici (più correttamente detti diagrammi) di Momento Flettente e teglio per la trave continua; farne più combinazioni di carico ed infine l’inviluppo… Fortunatamente esiste il software MomCad che permette di creare il grafico in automatico dati […] Read more →