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VR on Google Views!

I’m pleased to announce that most of my panoramas (call them panos, photospheres, VRs… as you prefer!) have been also uploaded to Google Maps Views. I’ll probably soon stop uploading my imagery here and just use Google’s service. You can see my contribution on Google Maps Views here!

360 VR Panorama Workflow

Stitched Panorama

I’ve been asked many times how I do take these panorama. If you google 360×180, virtual reality, equirectangular panorama, spherical panorama and so on you will find many different tutorials. Each method depends on the result you want to achieve, your equipment and your own preference. Following the key steps of my workflow, the main […] Read more →

BoneHead – A custom built panoramic head


IMPORTANT UPDATE -> 360 VR Panorama Workflow You may have already read my post on how to build your own pano-head, but this time I will show you a completely new way to do so. The pano-head built in the link above was great, but I wanted something better, in particular I wanted something much faster to use! […] Read more →

Build your own pano-head

IMPORTANT UPDATE -> The BoneHead, a custom built pano-head IMPORTANT UPDATE -> 360 VR Panorama Workflow I have been taking panoramas for a long time always hand-holding the camera, I quickly noticed how hard it is to do this in a small ambient. To avoid strong parallax errors the only solution is using a panoramic head. […] Read more →

Detect the nodal point of your lens [How to]

EDIT: In the following article I am erroneously talking of “nodal point” but the correct term is no-parallax-point or entrance pupil, infact: The nodal points are widely misunderstood in photography, where it is commonly asserted that the light rays “intersect” at “the nodal point”, that the iris diaphragm of the lens is located there, and […] Read more →

Bologna from Above [New Panorama]

I’ve just made a new panorama, and I have to honestly admit that this is the coolest ever! Have a look yourself: The panorama was shot from Bologna’s Asinelli Tower, the exact center spot of my hometown. The camera used is a Nikon D5000 with default lens (18-55 yeah, crap, but I’m gonna buy fisheye […] Read more →