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Folder Size Chart [APP]

Your Android SD card or Internal Memory is getting full? Folder Size Chart is a simple app that will let you see the size of each folder so that you’ll easy figure out what’s taking most of the space. Despite the weird graphics, it works great! I found out I had almost 4GB of cache […] Read more →

Fastboot Xperia drivers on Windows 8

If you have updated to Windows 8 you might have had difficulties installing Fastboot and adb drivers for Xperia devices, here a way to do it thanks to aslike2 on XDA: download flashtool and install open cmd as administrator and type “bcdedit /set testsigning on” restart PC install driver in the flashtool “drivers” folder, check […] Read more →

Share and sync web pages, files and clipboard between PC and Android

UPDATE (Nov 2013): Pushbullet app and extension does all the following in a much better and integrated way!   Following I will describe some example methods to boost up interoperability between your computer and your Android device, if you have any better solution/suggestion please consider writing a comment. Clipboard How many times did you have to […] Read more →

Create custom widgets for Android


One of the main features of Android over iOS is the possibility to customize your phone home screens by adding widgets and so on. A very cool way to do so is by creating your own widget, and to help you with that there is of course an app: Ultimate custom widget (UCCW). Using it is […] Read more →

All your photos are safe with Instant Upload

The first time I saw the Instant Upload setting in Google+ mobile app (enabled by default) I was quite annoyed, why would anyone waste bandwitch and battery power to upload ALL the photos you take on Google’s servers? I’m not one of those maniacs sharing all my private stuff on social media, so I turned it off. But […] Read more →

Get more space on your Android smartphone II

In a previous article I described how to transform part of your SD space in internal storage. A new script to do the same thing is out and seems to be much more performing and stable, it’s INT2EXT4+ by CronMod you can read more and see comparisons on the related XDA thread. As with the previous script you need to […] Read more →

Sony Xperia Go Updates

If you are looking on how to root/update/unlock your Xperia Go you might get confused by the about of posts saying different things on the internet, so here I’ll collect some useful links that i used myself (aka working). ROOT So far the best way to root is by flashing krachlatte‘s kernel, updated regularly and […] Read more →

Android Apps I Use

Following a list of some useful app you might not know about [appaware-app pname=’org.adaway’] Removes ADs from the other applications (requires ROOT). [appaware-app pname=’com.rechild.advancedtaskkiller’] Task killer. [appaware-app pname=’org.adwfreak.launcher’] Great launcher, pretty customizable. [appaware-app pname=’android.androidVNC’] To manage remotely a PC. [appaware-app pname=’com.ichi2.anki’] Flashcard app, to improve your memory or learn a language easier. [appaware-app pname=’com.timsu.astrid’] Great […] Read more →

Pulse News

I have been using Google Reader for a long time and it’s great, it keeps me updated on lots of topics, but it’s got one great problem for me: if I don’t visit it for few days I get 1000+ unread items. This sucks. Many times I will just “Mark all as read” after a […] Read more →

Free up your computer


Did it ever happen to you to have the Hard Disk full? An USB stick or an SD card? TreeSize is a free utility from JAM Software that will help you find the files and folders that take up the most space. The use is very straightforward and it can also be integrate in Windows […] Read more →