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Free up your computer


Did it ever happen to you to have the Hard Disk full? An USB stick or an SD card? TreeSize is a free utility from JAM Software that will help you find the files and folders that take up the most space. The use is very straightforward and it can also be integrate in Windows […] Read more →

One password to rule them all

LockNote is a super simple application to store text and to protect it with a password, everything is then ecripted with the most modern AES 256bit encryption technology. Let’s get to the facts: can store passwords, credit cards data, personal information or whatever is in text format no-install application, it’s a simple exe file you […] Read more →

Sublime Text


If you are writing lot of code by hand a good text editor can save you a lot of time! So fa I have been using Notepad ++ freeware and full of features, recently I have started using Sublime Text 2 and it’s even better! Here some of the best features: Goto Anything Use Goto Anything to […] Read more →

Get more space on your Android smartphone


UPDATE: Get more space on your Android smartphone II This post is dedicated to all the people that, like me, have smartphones with low internal memory. Moving apps to the SD can help, but sometimes this is not possible and when there are just 15MB left email and many other services won’t work anymore. This post […] Read more →

Home made Home Theater Server (HTS) – Part III


After buying the basic hardware and building a case for it you need to git it the life! My Home Theather Server (Nas + HTPC) features the Ubuntu Operating System, and I highly suggest it to you if you like nerding around (this has actually been my first time with a Unix OS). You could […] Read more →

Grasshopper button in Rhino toolbar

Have you ever wished to speed up launching Grasshopper from Rhino? Well here is a simple tip to add a ‘Grasshopper button‘ to your toolbar, just one click and you’re done! On an average of 20 launches of the plugin a day, assuming it does take 1 second less than the usual ‘command writing’, it […] Read more →


I recently had to format my windows laptop, you well know that this means re-installing everything (unless you have a nice backup of windows installation). So I decided to take note of the first softwares I was going to install, since I almost do a full format every 6 month. Here’s the list, it may […] Read more →

Create profiles for your camera+lens combinations

Adobe® Lens Profile Creator is a free utility (actually still in prerelease 3) that enables the easy creation of lens profiles for use in the Adobe Photoshop® family of products, such as Adobe Photoshop CS5, the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®. A lens profile describes the types of optical aberrations that exist […] Read more →

Executor, your new best friend

Whenever I switch computer the first thing I miss is my custom ALT+BARSPACE shortcut. What it does is to open Executor dialog, an application launcher. Installing and configuring this application properly will allow you to save so much time from looking for a directories/files/applications… Executor has got tons of options to automatically index your stuff, you […] Read more →