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Middle Mouse Click

I’m always surprised by how so many people don’t know the easiest tricks/shortcuts when dealing with technology. Here a super basic one. Most likely your mouse has 3 buttons, hell yeah, the mouse wheel is a button too! Ever used it? So what I’m going to say now will blow your mind, and after very […] Read more →

Share and sync web pages, files and clipboard between PC and Android

UPDATE (Nov 2013): Pushbullet app and extension does all the following in a much better and integrated way!   Following I will describe some example methods to boost up interoperability between your computer and your Android device, if you have any better solution/suggestion please consider writing a comment. Clipboard How many times did you have to […] Read more →

Search by Image

I’m always surprised by how many people don’t know the simplest tricks of the internet! So here a very useful trick  that might come in handy if you’re not already a power geek. Ever wanted to find a better resolution version of an image? Or to find what is shown in an image? Or just a similar image? Head over […] Read more →

All your photos are safe with Instant Upload

The first time I saw the Instant Upload setting in Google+ mobile app (enabled by default) I was quite annoyed, why would anyone waste bandwitch and battery power to upload ALL the photos you take on Google’s servers? I’m not one of those maniacs sharing all my private stuff on social media, so I turned it off. But […] Read more →

Anti-Spoof on your Google Apps email

I recently started receiving some Delivery Status Notification or automatic response emails from messages I have never sent. Expanding the details I noticed that they were all replies to emails sent by addresses like this: (were is actually a domain of mine I use under Google Apps). I was receiving them because I set my own […] Read more →

Copertura segnali TIM, Vodafone, Wind e 3


Vuoi cambiare operatore telefonico e cerchi quello con la migliore copertura 2G/3G/4G nella tua zona? Grazie al sito Opensignal è possibile visualizzare una mappa con le coperture di tutti gli operatori mondiali. Quando la mappa è focalizzata sull’Italia, vengono visualizzati i segnali di Vodafone, Tim, Wind e 3 contemporaneamente. Cliccando sulla voce Tower Map, puoi inoltre […] Read more →

Pulse News

I have been using Google Reader for a long time and it’s great, it keeps me updated on lots of topics, but it’s got one great problem for me: if I don’t visit it for few days I get 1000+ unread items. This sucks. Many times I will just “Mark all as read” after a […] Read more →

One password to rule them all

LockNote is a super simple application to store text and to protect it with a password, everything is then ecripted with the most modern AES 256bit encryption technology. Let’s get to the facts: can store passwords, credit cards data, personal information or whatever is in text format no-install application, it’s a simple exe file you […] Read more →