Matteo Cominetti is a design technologist focusing on BIM, VDC, parametric design and open standards.

GreenSpider - The Autodesk Revit point clouds plugin


GreenSpider is plugin for Autodesk Revit developed by Simone Garagnani.

GreenSpider narrows the gap between computational concept design, terrestrial laser scanning and Building Information Modeling; conveniently parsing ASCII text files representing 3D vertexes, whether generated by computational modeling software or terrestrial laser scanning equipment.

GreenSpider is a great tool to import existing buildings morphologies, acquired as decimated laser scanner point clouds, inside the BIM process, since Revit splines are NURBS with specific knots management, not fully compatible with discrete poligonal modeling influenced by laser scanner devices.

Head up to GreenSpider webpage for more information and download.

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