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Export from Revit to IFC including the Z Project Base Location

There are different ways to export from Revit to IFC, here I’ll show a way to preserve correctly all the Project Base Location settings of your project, especially the Elevation (Z coordinate) otherwise usually excluded.

If using Revit 2014

  1. update it to the latest Service Pack (very important)
  2. download and install the latest IFC Export for Revit 2014 (from SourceForge or Autodesk Exchange)
  3. download and install the latest IFC Export Alternate UI for Revit 2014 (from SourceForge or Autodesk Exchange) If using Revit 2015

  4. download and install the latest IFC 2015 (from SourceForge or Autodesk Exchange) Now the default IFC Export Window of Revit will be replace with a more advanced one:

  5. From:* File > Export > IFC*
  6. Click “Modify Setup…”
  7. Check “Include IFCSITE elevation in the site locall placement origin” Finally export!

Export > IFC

Check Include IFCSITE


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