Anti-Spoof on your Google Apps email

I recently started receiving some Delivery Status Notification or automatic response emails from messages I have never sent. Expanding the details I noticed that they were all replies to emails sent by addresses like this: (were is actually a domain of mine I use under Google Apps). I was receiving them because I set my own email as a catch-all address so that all emails sent to not existing addresses would be forwarded to my main email address.

So actually I was just a victim of Spoofing and I could realize that only thanks to the catch-all address.

Googling a bit around I found out that there are mainly 3 methods to prevent this phenomenon and add an authentication step to your sent emails:

I personally suggest everybody having a Google apps domain turning on the Catch-all address and activating the first two methods, the third is quite sophisticated and might be needed only in some situations.

Good luck, hope it works!