VR on Google Views!

I’m pleased to announce that most of my panoramas (call them panos, photospheres, VRs… as you prefer!) have been also uploaded to Google Maps Views. I’ll probably soon stop uploading my imagery here and just use Google’s service. You can see my contribution on Google Maps Views here!

Folder Size Chart [APP]

Your Android SD card or Internal Memory is getting full? Folder Size Chart is a simple app that will let you see the size of each folder so that you’ll easy figure out what’s taking most of the space. Despite the weird graphics, it works great! I found out I had almost 4GB of cache […] Read more →

Middle Mouse Click

I’m always surprised by how so many people don’t know the easiest tricks/shortcuts when dealing with technology. Here a super basic one. Most likely your mouse has 3 buttons, hell yeah, the mouse wheel is a button too! Ever used it? So what I’m going to say now will blow your mind, and after very […] Read more →