Matteo Cominetti is a design technologist focusing on BIM, VDC, parametric design and open standards.

  1. Update WPF ProgessBar in Revit loop

    In WPF, the ProgressBar control is a great control for showing the progress of an operation. If you have already used it in a non Revit context, you probably know that in order to update the UI during a lengthy task you need to have this logic on a different thread than the main one. …

  2. The Future of Issue Tracking for the AEC [collectiveBIM]


  3. Monitoring the Construction Progress and Getting It Right.


  4. Revit Version Checker 2.0


  5. Export from Revit to IFC including the Z Project Base Location

    There are different ways to export from Revit to IFC, here I’ll show a way to preserve correctly all the Project Base Location settings of your project, especially the Elevation (Z coordinate) otherwise usually excluded. …

  6. BCFier: the new Free BCF Plugin for Autodesk Revit

    What was known as the free “BCF Plugin for Revit” has now a new name (like it or not), interface and features. I could finally find the time to update it and give it some love. …

  7. Invalid variable name deserializing JSON in C#

    When building apps that connect to web services APIs I often use json2csharp to automatically create C# classes from a JSON response and RestSharp (PM> Install-Package RestSharp) as REST client library. But recently pasting the following (from Atlassian’s Jira APIs): …

  8. BCF has an icon!

    BCF Icon

  9. Image resolution of Viewpoints exported via Navisworks API

    If you ever needed to export images of Navisworks Viewpoints or Snapshots using its API you might have probably incurred it the great article by Xiaodong Liang Workaround to export image of clash result. But the code, using Navisworks COM API, is exporting by default .png images that are just 256x256px big! …

  10. Free BCF Exporter for Navisworks Manage 2014

    case_final_logo_type        Navis2BCF3png