Sometimes I write about code & tech in the AEC industry.
Co-founder of Speckle.
Formerly Arup, Foster+Partners, WeWork, CASE Inc.

  1. Unity And Git

    Version control in Unity can be done using specific solutions for game engines as Perforce and Plastic SMC. But in case you’d rather use a more traditional approach, with Git, here below I’m sharing two gists that can be useful. …

  2. Elapsed Time In Dynamo

    Today I came up with a Dynamo workflow to calculate the execution time of a series of nodes, it doesn’t need any dependency, but beware as it’s not sexy at all: …

  3. Hello Dynamo

    Dynamo is a really powerful tool, and it becomes even more powerful when extended through custom nodes. If you have some basic knowledge of .NET adding you own functionalities is actually really simple, the so called Zero Touch Plugin Development lets you run any public static method in a dll from within Dynamo, isn’t it great? …

  4. CASE Issue Tracker

    UPDATE 04/02/2018: The WeWork repository on GitHub seem to have been taken down. Check the Arup fork of the Issue Tracker which is currently maintained and has additional integrations: https://github.com/ArupAus/issue-tracker

  5. Welcome back, to me!

    After quite some time teocomi.com is back online, I’ve ditched wordpress+hosting for a sweet Jekyll site hosted on GitHub Pages. Soon most of the posts from teocomi.com and matteocominetti.com will be migrated here. Stay tuned! …

  6. BCFier 2 has been released and it goes Open Source!

    I’m glad to announce that BCFier 2 has been released and from now on it will be Open Source. …

  7. Switch existing Visual Studio project type from WinForms to WPF

    It may happen that you are working on a Visual Studio project that was initially set up for Windows Forms, and now you want to insert some cool WPF controls, but these won’t show up when clicking the “Add…” button. …

  8. Update WPF ProgessBar in Revit loop

    In WPF, the ProgressBar control is a great control for showing the progress of an operation. If you have already used it in a non Revit context, you probably know that in order to update the UI during a lengthy task you need to have this logic on a different thread than the main one. …

  9. The Future of Issue Tracking for the AEC [collectiveBIM]


  10. Monitoring the Construction Progress and Getting It Right.